We have finally started our bottle printing division and are happy to announce the following services we can offer to you:


Screen Printing

Pad Printing

Label application

Hot Stamping (Silver / gold foil)

Filling  basic liquids (Lotion, oils, water based liquids)

For MOQ, prices and quotations,

Please send us an enquiry to info@harsom.co.za

Contact Details:+27(0)83 539 6044

For Manufacturing of Cosmetics 

Please send us an enquiry to alistaire@harsom.co.za

Contact Details: +27(0)83 539 6044

Contact Us:

62 Third Avenue,

Linbro Park, Sandton,

South Africa, 2191

Cell:+27(0)83 539 6044

Email: info@harsom.co.za

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